How to use chicken cages to improve the efficiency of chicken cages

Large-scale farming will choose automatic poultry farming equipment, which will reduce labor, increase efficiency and improve economic efficiency. So how to use chicken cages to improve the efficiency of chicken cages.




1. Providing excellent breeding environment: chicken equipment, chicken cages and chickens are all closed chicken houses, so the farmers should be scientific and reasonable in the control of the environment of heat preservation and cooling. The environment of the chicken house directly affects the pathogenic microorganisms. Breeding and broiler feed intake and weight gain, so farmers should improve the environment of the house, farmers should adjust management methods in a timely manner, such as: in winter, we must deal with the relationship between temperature and humidity, the temperature difference between day and night can not be too large, summer Need to do the work of cooling and ventilation.

2, feeding high-quality balanced feed: chickens are use in poultry farming cage to raise chickens. The whole source of nutrient intake of egg-broiled chickens lies in the ingredients of the feed, so the farmers should be based on the different growth and development of the broiler chickens and the needs of each growth stage. Nutritional requirements, provide different levels of full-price feed, and adjust the feed formula according to the season to ensure the necessary nutrient level of the chicken, ensure the quality of the feed, and ensure that each chicken can eat fresh, non-polluting, mold-free enough feed.

3. Prevention of common diseases: the density of chickens raised in chicken cages is higher than that of flat chickens. Therefore, once the chickens are infected with diseases, the losses will be more serious. Therefore, farmers should have the idea of ​​“prevention is greater than treatment”. Important key points for raising chickens in epidemic broiler cages, such as: regular cleaning and disinfection of chicken houses, greater than chicken house droppings, garbage and sewage treatment, timely isolation or elimination of diseased chickens, control of important infectious diseases Spread.


At the same time, when the chickens are immunized, every farmer has to do things. Farmers should formulate scientific and reasonable immunization procedures and medication procedures, complete immunization work at regular, quality and quantity, and regularly carry out preventive drug administration and comply with strict biological activities. Safety measures.