Chicken temperature and light requirements

Chicks can be divided into strong and weak groups by their appearance to make the chicks grow evenly.

Chicks are not well developed due to their body temperature center, and their ability to regulate body temperature is poor. Temperature is a prerequisite for brooding, especially the first week of heat preservation is more important.

In the case of good ventilation, the temperature of the house is preferably maintained at 60%. At the same time of heat preservation, pay special attention to the chicken battery cages circulation of air. In order to prevent the ammonia produced by chicken manure from stimulating chickens, respiratory diseases occur.

chicks health

The requirements for light, one is the sun, the sun should be irradiated in an appropriate amount, the ultraviolet rays can kill the bacteria on the body surface of the chicken and promote the formation of vitamin D in the chicken to help grow. The second is lighting. The main function is to illuminate and lighten the chicken through light, and to facilitate the work of the breeder and the feeding of the chicken.

After the chicks are placed in the brooding room for heat preservation, they can be given water for drinking. For chicks that do not drink water, they can be dripped several times with eye drops.

The drinking water for chickens should be kept for a long time, and the drinking fountains should be replaced with fresh water to ensure that there is always fresh drinking water. The change in drinking water varies with temperature. When the temperature is high, the drinking water increases. Checking the amount of drinking water is an important task to check the health of the chicks.