Three-dimensional egg chicken cage chicken precautions

1. Keep the old chicken and the new chicken separately. In order to make full use of the culture area of cages, many farmers often put some old chickens and new chickens in one place. This method is very wrong. Old chickens can generally say that their egg production will drop, and the chicken itself may carry some germs, so that the chickens and new chickens can be kept in a fast feeding, without wasting feed costs, and the new chickens will suffer from diseases. Invasion, so the farmer must keep the chickens separately when raising chickens.

2. The light intensity is not uniform. We all know that the three-dimensional egg cages are piled up one by one. In this way, when the chickens are illuminated, the upper cage will block the light receiving area of the lower chicken battery cage, which will result in uneven growth of the chickens. The intensity of the light will also affect the feed intake of the chickens. This will reduce the feed intake of the flock, which is not conducive to the growth of the flock. Therefore, in order to enable the upper and lower layers of the laying hens to be exposed to sufficient light, the farmer should install the light bulbs in the chicken house in a high-low manner, so as to ensure uniformity of the chickens.


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3. Feed nutrition is comprehensive. Most farmers now use automatic feeders to feed the flock. The biggest advantage of using the feeder is that it can ensure the uniformity of the chicken diet and save the time cost of the farmers. Although the feeding machine guarantees the uniformity of the diet of the chickens, it does not guarantee the comprehensiveness of the nutrition of the feed. Therefore, the farmers must stir evenly when feeding the chickens to ensure that all the nutrients are sufficient. If the farmers are worried that the prepared feed can not guarantee the comprehensive nutrition, they can also purchase the feed. The farmers who choose the feed can refer to our “How to choose chicken feed in the chicken cage”, hoping to help the farmers.

4. Control of the amount of exercise. The use of chicken cages for raising chickens will control the range of activity of the flock and thus reduce the amount of exercise. Although the reduction in exercise will increase the conversion rate of the feed, if the laying hen is not in motion for a long time, it will cause volume obesity and affect the egg production of the laying hen. Therefore, farmers can take the method of noise chicken at the right time to help the chickens exercise. The way to noise the chicken is to walk along the chicken cage, gently slam the crouching flock and force it to move.

The above is what we need to tell the farmers today about the need to pay attention when using the three-dimensional egg cage for chicken breeding. I hope that today’s story can provide some help for the farming work of the farmers.