Select the suitable boiler chicken farming equipment

With the development of my country’s economy, the demand for chicken meat on the market is also increasing. In recent years, chicken farms of different sizes have appeared in various parts of our country. In particular, some automatic, large-scale, and modern chicken farms have gradually entered people’s field of vision. And, how should the farmer select the suitable broiler chicken farming equipment?

Broiler chicken farming equipment is actually a complete set of equipment, including automatic water supply system, automatic feeding system, automatic manure removal system, automatic temperature control system, automatic ventilation system and automatic lighting system. The following focuses on the selection of cages, shelves, water lines, troughs, and manure conveying belts to make a detailed  introduction:


First, the choice of cage

 (1) The weight of the cage. Under normal circumstances, the weight of the cage is divided into 9 kg/bar, 10 kg/bar and 11.5 kg/bar.

 (2) The material of the cage. According to the rigidity, there are national standard and non-national standard. The rigidity has Q195 and Q235.

(3) The specifications of the cage are different. Under normal circumstances, there are three cage specifications, namely, length 1950 mm × 500 mm × height 400 mm; length 2000 mm × 1800 mm × height 450 mm; length 2412 mm × 1600 mm × 500 mm high. Farms can be selected according to their actual needs.

(4) The galvanization of the cage is different. The galvanizing situation is divided into cold plating (also known as electroplating), hot plating and galvanized wire.

Second, the classification of shelves

 (1) There are two kinds of different materials: angle iron and galvanized sheet.

(2) The process is different. One is hot-dip galvanizing after the angle iron is welded, and the other is the direct pressing and bending shape of galvanized sheet.

Third,Classification of waterline 

It has two types which are round pipe water line and squire pipe water line. The advantage of round pipe water line is that it is cheap and easy to clean. The disadvantage is that the tube wall is thin and the sealing is relatively poor. 

The advantage of the square pipe water line is that the pipe wall is thick, and the air-tightness is good, which is convenient for the automatic lifting water line. The disadvantage is that the price is high and the physical method is inconvenient to clean.

Fourth, Classification of troughs

Original material: strong and tough, high price.

Recycled materials: fragile, poor toughness, and low price.

Fifth, Classification of fecal belts

PP belt: good toughness, long service life, but high price.

PVC belt: short service life and cheap. It is recommended that each farm should choose cost-effective broiler cage equipment according to its own economic situation. In addition, we must choose large companies, good quality, installation, and after-sales service companies.

Above all those are about introducing chicken cages. Hoping can help chicken farmer to select suitable chicken farming equipment.