Egg chicken cage chicken production environment control method

There are more and more manufacturers of laying hens, most of them use breeding equipment to raise laying hens. However, due to the management techniques and financial constraints of most farmers, the following problems are common in chicken houses. Poor, poor disinfection concept, poor understanding of harmless. Neglecting the impact of the environment on chicken growth, weight gain and egg production, ultimately leading to low production efficiency of chickens, in order to raise the laying hens, the environment of the chicken houses and poultry farming equipment should be controlled first.



First, strengthen the ventilation and ventilation of the chicken house to ensure that the supply of oxygen required for ventilation and ventilation is very important for the improvement of the environment of the chicken house. Because chickens consume oxygen and emit carbon dioxide, the concentration of carbon dioxide is too high, which affects the health of chickens. At the same time, bad gases such as ammonia produced by chicken manure pose a threat to the health of chickens. Therefore, it is necessary to install ventilation equipment (such as ceiling fans and exhaust fans), strengthen ventilation and increase air circulation in the house. On the one hand, it can reduce the harmful gases in the house, on the other hand, the pathogenic microorganisms attached to the dust also flow with the air. To reduce the incidence of various infectious diseases.


Second, improve the chicken house facilities, maintain the proper temperature and humidity of the chicken growth. The temperature and humidity in the house are affected by factors such as the weight of the chicken, the stocking density, the temperature and the amount of drinking water. The suitable temperature range for the chicken is 13.5-24.5 °C; Humidity, in addition to the higher brooding period, the remaining period to maintain 55% -60% is better. If the ambient temperature is outside the appropriate temperature range, the chicken mainly relies on regulating the body temperature of the chicken, and the metabolic rate should be increased. Firstly, the body temperature is increased or decreased, and secondly, the utilization of feed, the decrease of yield and the slow weight gain are affected. Therefore, in the warmer season, the window should be opened to ventilate the chicken house, so that the excess heat generated by the chicken is discharged from the house to lower the temperature inside the house. In the hot summer, you should do a good job of heatstroke prevention and cooling. Conditional chicken farmers can install electric fans or air conditioners to keep the house temperature and humidity. The ceiling of the broiler house should be set up to prevent solar radiant heat, and grass can be planted around the house to reduce the radiant heat on the ground. Pay attention to the cold in winter, and pay attention to the weather changes to prevent the cold and hot in the layer chicken cage .