How to use battery broiler cage scientifically

1, Use Mode.

Human and battery broiler cages should be combined. Operators should not only be familiar with the principle of equipment, but also observe frequently. Because the temperature controller and the value of the hen house temperature has a certain error. We have to reduce this error. In this way, the temperature of the hen house can be adjusted to the proper temperature for the growth of chickens.


2 Drinking water.


The automatic water fountain in the battery cage system should be of a moderate height. If the tip is too low, the chick will stand in the cup and get wet. The drop head is too high for the weak chick to drink. In addition, the pressure relief valve on the drinking water line should be adjusted appropriately. If the pressure is too large, the chicks will escape. It also wastes water. Too little pressure and the chick at the end may not be drinking enough. With the increase of chicken age, increase water pressure appropriately.



3, Feeding.


Chickens into the broiler cage must first drink water, after feeding, so do conducive to the digestion of chickens. After drinking water 2-3 hours, put the feed into an opening plate. For chicks pecking, stereo culture average 25 chicks a snack trough. Must feed less frequently add, in order to prevent feed pollution and mildew, generally with seven days to open the trough. Then change to a long trough, the long trough area is large, eat to Z, feed less chicks began to slow down. So often with a brush to sweep the feed to the chicken near the side. Conducive to chicks to eat material, but also prevent feed mildew.


These are the three points about the scientific use of battery cage systems shared by poultry equipment manufacturers. To help you better understand battery chicken cages.