How to use broiler farming equipment to raise chickens?

Now the breeding industry no longer uses all manual management and breeding. Various types of breeding equipment have replaced manual work, which has also led the breeding industry to an intensive road. So how to use broiler farming equipment to raise chickens?

Build a chicken coop

The use of automated breeding equipment to raise chickens is different from free-range breeding. The former chicken house is closed, and then the environmental control of the chicken house requires equipment to adjust. Such a chicken house can not be affected by the external weather and environment. You can keep the chickens in a comfortable environment all the time.


Periodic disinfection of chicken coops

There will be a lot of bacteria in the chicken cages. Regular and reasonable disinfection can eliminate the bacteria in the chicken house. It can reduce the risk of disease in chickens. This is also a measure to prevent diseases. Farmers need to disinfect the chicken coop regularly.

Do a good job of immunization.

In order to avoid the occurrence of diseases, immunization is a must. Because the use of breeding equipment to raise chickens is dense and large. So it must be immunized. Prevent the occurrence of diseases.

Choose high-quality chicken fry

When farmers choose chicken fry, the health and quality of chicken fry are related to the survival rate of the flock. It can also determine the quality of adult chickens, which directly affects the benefit. Therefore, farmers must be strict when purchasing chicken fry. Quality is off, don’t be greedy to buy disease-carrying chickens at a cheap price.