The focus of feeding management in spring broiler cage chickens

The spring weather is gradually warming up. It is a good time to breed broilers. However, the weather changes in spring are still relatively large, and the temperature gradually rises, which causes the pathogenic microorganisms in the broiler cages to breed in large quantities. Therefore, users of broiler chickens should pay attention to it. Although spring is a good time, it is necessary to do a good job of feeding and management. The following authors will talk about the management points of using broiler chicken cages to raise chickens in the spring.

1. Choosing breeders: The average number of farmed households is relatively large, so it is not something that can be done by hand. Farmers must divide their employees. The breeders are the key to ensuring the results of broiler feeding. Chickens rely on people. People rely on ideas, keeping up with the management, it is difficult to ensure the results.

2. In the spring, chickens should create a good environment for the chickens. Pay attention to the four elements of heat preservation, ventilation, temperature and light, and create a comfortable environment for the chickens. The chicken flocks are well rested and can grow well.

3. Regardless of the season of breeding broiler chickens, farmers must choose to use the all-in and all-out system to sample broilers. And to strictly carry out epidemic prevention and disinfection, to do reasonable daily management and regular cleaning and disinfection. Diligently clear chicken manure, eliminate flies, mosquitoes, rats, ants, reduce pathogens and avoid stress.

4. Feed is an important guarantee for the healthy growth of broilers. Farmers should provide fresh, safe and hygienic feed in a timely manner, and carefully manage and use feed to eliminate waste and reduce the cost of raising chickens.

5. Drinking water hygiene is very important. Farmers must provide sufficient water, and farmers should ensure the quality of water and the sanitation of drinking water equipment. The drinking water system should be cleaned and disinfected frequently. Don’t be bothered.

6. When broiler immunization is carried out, the farmers must strictly follow the regulations to carry out scientific and reasonable immunization procedures and vaccinate the chickens.

7. Farmers should observe the flocks frequently, strengthen the supervision of the flocks, and promptly diagnose and treat the diseases.

8. To prevent human infection, we must do a good job in personal hygiene. Chicken manure and sick chickens should be treated in a timely manner and control environmental pollution.

The above is about some of the feeding management points and key points that farmers should pay attention to during the process of raising chickens in broiler battery cages in spring. For farmers only for reference, thank you for your attention!