How to avoid chicken feed waste in the chicken house

In many cases, due to the improper management of the farmers, there is a lot of excessive waste in the chicken feed of the chicken farms. This not only increases the cost of chicken feed input, but also makes chicken feed in chicken farms a cause of chicken disease. Even causing unnecessary economic losses to farmers, how to build excessive chicken feed in poultry farming cage equipment?

According to the chicken farm size and the actual chicken feed procurement plan, if it is rainy days, do not feed or feed as little as possible. When it is necessary to feed, it is necessary to prepare for rain protection during the transportation of the feed, so as to avoid the rain and mildew of the feed. Improve the feeding method and feed less. The amount of feed should not exceed one third of the depth of the trough. Both the chickens are full and there is no leftover in the tank.


Choose good quality chicken feed will be helpful for your chickens.

Store chicken feed should be protected from light, ventilation, moisture, insects, and regular inspections, and do a good job of keeping the feed. Reduce the waste of feed in the trough chicken. According to the age of the chicken, the suitable trough should be reasonably selected and placed in an appropriate height in combination with the size of the chicken. Each time you need to feed the right amount, and master the amount of each feed, so that you can not waste or waste.

The chicken house and chicken farm equipment should be regularly dewormed and rodent. Generally, the flock should be dewormed once before being basketed, and then dewormed once before the start of production. It is necessary to regularly kill the rats, and use the screen window to block the open windows and vents, and do a good job in the prevention and control of birds and beasts. Weigh regularly. Feeding chickens that are too small or too heavy can improve the uniformity of the flock. At the same time, timely elimination of sick chickens and low-yield chickens can reduce the incidence of infectious diseases in chicken flocks. In this way, the chicken feed can be greatly saved.