How to use layer cages to raise chickens to save costs.

Many farmers use layer cages to raise layer hens. With the help of the power of the equipment, he made his own breeding plant more and more appointments. But do you know how to save the cost of raising chickens?

First of all, we use feeding equipment during the breeding process. Then the trough structure and placement height should be reasonable. Feeding troughs that are too small or too shallow will easily overflow and cause waste, and feed troughs that are too large or too deep or placed too high will affect the feeding and growth of chickens. Generally speaking, it is advisable to place it at a height of about 2 cm above the edge of the chicken back.


Secondly, add the appropriate amount of feed. The waste rate is about 12% when the feed is added to 2/3 of the tank, about 5% when it is added to 1/2, and about 2% when it is added to 1/3. Therefore, the feed volume should not exceed 1/3 of the depth of the feeding trough. Cut the beak at the right time. The beak of chicks is cut at 6-9 days of age, which can effectively reduce feed waste and prevent the occurrence of beak addiction.

In order not to waste feed. When using layer breeding equipment, we have to restrict overweight chickens. The flocks of chickens need to be weighed from time to time, and raised separately according to the weight of the chickens. Store feed scientifically. Feed is susceptible to damp and moldy or deteriorated due to increased fat oxidation, which reduces the value of feed and causes waste. Therefore, the storage of feed should be protected from light, ventilated, moisture, and insects, and feed as little as possible in the rainy season.

Deworming regularly. Infected chickens with parasites will directly affect nutrient absorption. Therefore, chickens generally need to be dewormed once in about 60 days, and they need to be dewormed again before the start of labor. Prevent bird, rodent and animal damage. Rats and birds not only spread diseases, but also eat a lot of feed. Therefore, the prevention and control of bird and animal damage must be done regularly.