Advantage analysis of automatic broiler cage

Fully automatic broiler cage is an automatic equipment specially made for broiler breeding. Using automatic broiler cages to raise chickens, a full set of equipment such as automatic feeding, drinking water, manure removal, and wet curtain cooling can be installed. It can increase labor productivity for farmers, reduce the cost of artificial feeding, and greatly improve the breeding efficiency of farmers. So what are the specific advantages of raising chickens in broiler cages?

Farmers use automatic broiler cages to raise chickens because they have a high degree of automation and can effectively play the role of automatic feeding, automatic drinking water, automatic constant temperature and automatic defecation. At the same time, the breeding personnel can get rid of the heavy mechanical labor of the machinery, which is more worry-free and convenient, and the work efficiency is greatly improved. On the other hand, it also saves the cost of hiring laborers.

From the aspect of the health of the flock, the adoption of this kind of cage can be used for formal isolation, so that the flock can effectively improve its own anti-epidemic ability. And effectively avoid cross-infection, so that the chickens get better growth, and a better quality of health, so that the health of the chickens get a very good improvement.

The use of broiler cages can directly increase the space utilization by three times or even four or five times, thereby effectively saving space. Farmers can easily raise more broilers in the same space. For farmers, the savings in site costs are also very beneficial and can save a lot of money.

Centralized management to save energy and resources. Adopt advanced ventilation system, lighting system and automatic control system to fully save energy consumption and improve labor productivity. It saves space and raises the feeding density to more than 60 per square meter; the unique cage door design effectively prevents the chicken from shaking its head up and down when feeding. The use of conveyor belt to clean the manure makes the chicken manure dry into granules, reduces environmental pollution, and has a high reuse rate.

Finally, the author reminds farmers that in the process of using fully automatic broiler cages and related equipment, we must pay attention to the daily maintenance of fully automated broiler cages to extend the life of fully automated broiler cages.

And fully automated broiler breeding is generally applicable to the breeding of more than 50,000 broilers. If you plan to start from 5000 animals, you can use the flat raising mode or semi-automatically.