Raising layers in poultry battery cages improves the economic benefits of farmers

Many farmers are using automatic chicken-raising equipment to raise layer chickens. So where does the use of the automated chicken cage system help farmers get more economic benefits? Here is a specific introduction for farmers.

  • Chicken cage. Farmers want to use chicken breeding equipment for breeding. The first is to buy cages. Farmers can consult with poultry chicken cage manufacturers to purchase according to the breeding volume and their own economic conditions. Farmers can choose hot-dip galvanized chicken cages. Long use time and corrosion resistance.


  • Feeding equipment. Now the breeding plan of farmers is relatively large. If you choose to rely on artificial feeding of chickens. In this way, farmers need to spend money to hire labor. If you buy feeding equipment and hire labor for a year, you can buy it. And the feeder can be used for a long time. This saves money for farmers.


  • Manure removal equipment. Artificial manure removal will cause the chicken to produce a stress response, which is not conducive to the growth of the chicken. This will not happen with the use of manure removal equipment. And the manure cleaner can clean chicken manure in time. It can also avoid the spread of chicken diseases.


  • Automatic egg collection equipment. If the number of rearing is large, the number of laying eggs of laying hens will also increase. Manual egg picking is a waste of time and increases the breakage rate of eggs. The automatic egg collection equipment has a buffer device that can reduce the breakage rate of the eggs and increase the number of times of picking up eggs.

The above is the analysis to the breeders from all aspects about how the chicken raising equipment system can help the breeders to improve their economic benefits during the use process. I hope that today’s description can be helpful to the breeders.