Which layer equipment is essential for raising layers with automated equipment?

Automatic chicken raising equipment, as the name implies, is that the use of automatic layer equipment by farmers can not only reduce the labor cost of the chicken farm, but also complete the various tasks of the chicken farm more efficiently. It is a “good helper” for farmers in large-scale breeding. The editor will introduce to you which layer equipment is essential when using automated equipment to raise layers?


1. Layer equipment cage racks, chicken cage equipment

Cage frame: It is a bracket that bears the cage body, which is composed of beams and diagonal braces. Beams and diagonal braces are generally made of angle steel or channel steel with a thickness of 2 to 2.5 mm. The chicken cage is made of cold drawn steel wire by spot welding, then galvanized and assembled, including top net, bottom net, front net, rear net, partition net and cage door. Cage racks and chicken coops are the main part of chicken raising equipment.


2. Manure cleaning equipment for laying hens

Manure removal equipment is to remove chicken manure from the outside of the chicken house to a designated place. Belts and scrapers are commonly used to remove manure. Chicken manure is cleaned once a day to prevent excessive ammonia in the chicken house.


3. Feeding equipment for laying hen equipment

In the past, chicken feeding was entirely manual and the workload was very large. Now it can be said that raising chickens is very easy. The feed is stored in the feed tower, and the feeding trolley in the chicken house will automatically fill with feed and feed the chickens regularly. Even if no one is in the farm for 3-5 days, the chickens will not starve to death.


large scale chicken farming



4. Feeding equipment for laying hen equipment

The drinking water in the automatic breeding equipment is also automatic. There is an automatic drinking fountain in each chicken coop. When the chicken wants to drink water, it will peck. The water will flow out after the peck, and the chicken can drink the water.


5. Egg collection equipment

In a hen house with 50,000 chickens, if two workers collect eggs manually, they will not be able to collect the eggs for a day. However, the automatic egg collection machine can be completed in about 2 minutes. You can calculate how much labor you save.


6. Temperature control equipment for laying hen equipment

Temperature control equipment is also critical in automation equipment. In autumn and winter, the air must be ventilated, and fresh air must be inhaled in the chicken house. In the hot summer, negative pressure ventilation is used to remove the heat and assist the wet curtain to cool down. The chicken house is always kept at a comfortable temperature to ensure the laying performance of the laying hens.


7, layer equipment lighting equipment

According to different production purposes, choose the appropriate light color for light management. For example, when it is necessary to increase the number of eggs or increase the egg weight, red light or blue light can be used for artificial light. Use special lamps for breeding.


8. Layer equipment generator equipment

Using closed houses, if there is a sudden power outage, the exhaust fans and water curtains in the house will not operate normally for a while. If they are not handled in time, the chickens will die to varying degrees and cause unnecessary economic losses. Therefore, it is recommended that farmers be equipped with emergency generators