Feeding management when using broiler cages to raise adult chickens

This stage from 7 weeks to 20 weeks of age is called the growing period. Many broiler cage manufacturers believe that the chickens at this stage are called bred chickens (also called young chickens, reserve chickens.) bred chickens have strong growth and development, enhanced stress resistance, and fewer diseases. Therefore, after the chicken enters the breeding period, the breeding and management can be a little bit more extensive, but it is necessary to work hard on the breeding to maintain good physique and laying performance in the later laying period, and the breeding chickens can exert better reproductive ability.

Growing chickens are still in a period of rapid growth and vigorous development, especially the organs have been fully developed and functioning. The bones and muscles grow faster, but the weight gain is not as fast as that of chicks. The body’s ability to deposit calcium has improved. Feathers have shed several times, and finally grow into feathers. As the age increases, the ability to accumulate fat increases, which is likely to cause overweight, which will have an important impact on the later egg production and eggshell quality. In the middle and late stages of breeding, the reproductive system begins to develop to sexual maturity.

If the chickens are allowed to eat freely during the growing period and provide rich nutrients, especially high-protein diets, it will accelerate the development of the gonads and make the growing chickens start production prematurely. However, this kind of premature chickens has poor egg endurance, small egg weight, low total egg production, and low breeding value and economic benefits. If the protein level in the diet of growing chickens is appropriately low, it can not only normalize the development of the gonads, but also promote bone growth and enhance the function of the digestive system. Therefore, the relationship between “promotion” and “suppression” should be properly handled in the management of broiler cages for growing chickens.

The above are some points that farmers need to pay attention to when using broiler cages to raise chickens. I hope everyone can avoid mistakes and make more benefits.