Effect of water line height on growth of broilers

Nowadays, farmers are accustomed to using broiler cages for sale to raise broilers. Feeding feed from chickens is very important. Feeding water to chickens is also an important part. What is the impact of the height of the waterline on broilers?


The height of the waterline in the broiler cage poultry cage system should be adjusted regularly. If the adjustment is not timely, the drinking water of the chicken will be insufficient, which will affect the growth performance of the chicken. What effect does the height of the waterline have on the growth of the broiler?




1. The chicks are 1-2 days old, the water line should be placed at the lowest position, the nipples are 8 to 10 cm from the litter, and there is a water line connecting the cups. The water cup is close to the litter, and the nipples are generally flush with the eyes of the chicks. If the waterline is too high, because the chicks are short and tall, drinking less water or drinking less water will reduce their feed intake and the daily gain will be affected.


2. After the chicks are 3 days old, adjust the height of the waterline. According to the age and growth status of the chicks, adjust the height of the waterline in time, and adjust it once every two days. It is better to stand the neck and drink naturally. At this time, the water line should be kept too low, and the water consumption of the chicken should be reduced if the water line is too low. The correct way to drink water from a chicken is to stand up and neck to drink water. Because the water line is too low, the chicken should drink low water. When the chicken’s head is lifted from a low position to a high position, the water in the mouth will flow out a part, resulting in insufficient drinking water. In the early stage, the daily weight gain of broilers will decrease, the feed intake will decrease, and the spirit will be weak; if the water shortage time is too long, the chicken body will lose 10% of water, which will cause metabolic disorder; if the water loss reaches 20%, it will threaten the chicken. Life, let it fall to death.

3. Affecting the health of chickens will cause serious damage to the performance of chickens. It mainly affects the appetite of chickens and is unwilling to eat feed. The body’s water loss is serious, resulting in decreased immunity and decreased disease resistance. disease.


The above is about the effect of the waterline of the broiler cage on the growth and development of broilers, hoping to help the farmers, better breeding broilers