Factors affecting chicken feed utilization

When we raising chicken in chicken farm equipment,we should know the difference between individual chickens also differs in feed utilization. Moreover, the utilization rate of feed for chickens in different growth stages is also different.

When formulating feed, only a variety of nutrients (such as energy, protein, vitamins, minerals, etc.) can meet the nutritional needs of the chicken, and the best ratio can be achieved, so that the utilization rate of the feed can be maximized; Causes waste of feed nutrients.

Choose good quality chicken feed will be helpful for your chickens.

Processing and storage of feed The same feed has different nutritional values due to different processing methods. Such as machine-pressed cakes have lower levels of protein extracted from sputum, and high temperatures may also denature proteins, thereby reducing nutritional value. The longer the feed is stored, the lower the nutritional value of the feed, and the mildew and deterioration of the feed, and even the occurrence of animal diseases.

Feeding and feeding of stressed flocks, such as temperature, humidity, ventilation, light, and changes in the amount of harmful gases in the air, may cause chicken stress, thereby reducing feed utilization.