What are the reasons for the decline in laying rate of laying hens?

In the process of laying hens, there is a long period of time. The laying hens are usually at the peak of laying eggs at around 40 weeks of age, but the egg laying rate of many laying hens has been decreasing. So what are the reasons for the decline in laying rate of laying hens? What countermeasures should be taken?

The reasons for the decline of laying rate in laying hens

1. Management reasons

(1) The management of temperature, humidity and ventilation of chicken farming equipment is unreasonable so on causes the drop of laying rate of laying hens.

(2) The egg-laying rate decreased due to the terrors caused by various external stresses, such as artificial stress.

(3) Insufficient water or food intake will also cause egg production performance decline.

(4) Unreasonable nutrition ratio and mildew of feed can also lead to the decline of laying rate.

(5) The illumination is unreasonable.

2. Causes of diseases

(1) Some diseases of nutritional metabolism cause the decline of laying rate of laying hens.

(2) If laying hens suffer from diseases such as influenza, Newcastle disease, vector-borne disease, and egg-loss syndrome, the egg-laying rate will also decline.

(3) Laying hens with nematodes, coccidiasis and other parasitic diseases will have a certain decline in egg production rate.

(4) Damage of liver and kidney function of eggshell in laying hens would also lead to decreased egg-laying rate.