Chicken feeding equipment – working system and precautions for fans

The fan in the poultry farm equipment is the ventilation equipment commonly used in the chicken industry. The ventilation work of the chicken house is very important. Reasonable ventilation can discharge the harmful other contents of the house, let fresh air enter the house, and give the chickens a comfortable production environment, which is the key to reducing the disease in the flock. The use of fans for raising chicken farm equipment requires special systems and precautions to better ensure the use of the machine. The working system and precautions are as follows:

The working system of the chicken farming equipment fan is as follows:

1. In the process of using the fan, the farmer must determine a person who uses the fan and must use it by someone. If the operator is not operating the fan, once the operation is not correct, it will not only affect the health of the flock, but also cause damage to the fan and affect the use effect. And after the equipment has problems, there must be someone to carry out repairs.

2. Before the fan equipment is turned on, the staff must perform a simple check on the equipment. Once the fan is found to be faulty, it cannot be used. The fan is not allowed to operate in the event of a fault. The farmer should regularly carry out maintenance and overhaul of the fan equipment, and can promptly find the fault for repair.

3. Farmers should regularly remove dust inside the fan, especially dust, dirt and other impurities on the impeller to prevent corrosion and loss of equipment imbalance.

4. In the process of maintenance, the fan equipment must emphasize that the power is shut down before it can be carried out to avoid the danger.

The precautions in the operation of the fan are as follows:

1. If the farmer or staff finds that the fan flow is too large, or if a small flow is required in a short time, the adjustment door can be used for adjustment.

2. Farmers must pay attention to the regularity of the sensitivity of the thermometer and oil mark to avoid damage to the tool and affect the use and judgment.

3. Farmers should pay attention to the replacement of lubricating oil after each disassembly, and also replace the lubricating oil 3-6 months in the normal condition of the fan equipment.

The above is the work system and precautions that the farmers should abide by during the use of the fan equipment of the chicken cage equipment. I hope that the above description can help the farmers.