Precautions for automatic layer chicken cage use

The chicken industry uses automatic layer chicken cage equipment, allowing farmers to move towards a path of easy chicken raising. The whole layer chicken cage equipment can help the farmers to do a lot of hard work. However, in order to provide these equipments for long-term service to farmers, farmers should pay attention to the correct use of the equipment to ensure the normal service life of the equipment. The author will introduce the precautions for the use of various equipment for fully automatic poultry farming equipment.

1. Layer rearing equipment: The layer chicken equipment is the place where the laying hen lives almost all of its life, so it produces a lot of feed and fecal residue. Longer time will not only affect the health of the flock, but also affect the quality of the cage. Therefore, farmers should regularly clean and disinfect the equipment, clean up the residue on the cage in time, and find faults in time for repair.

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2. Automatic pick up egg machine: farmers in the use of automatic pick up egg machine must pay attention to the details of the learning equipment correct operation method, if improper use will cause damage of equipment, using pick up egg machine, it is important to note that often disinfection, because the device is in use process will inevitably remain some chicken manure, chicken feathers and some other things with bacteria, if used with bacteria, and often do not cleaning of equipment, the quality of the eggs will fall.

3. Fully automatic feeding machine: In addition to the method of correctly operating the automatic feeding machine, the farmer should pay attention to check whether the transmission parts and the tape buckle and the carrying device are normal and the protective equipment is complete before use. The tension of the tape must be adjusted to the appropriate level before starting, and the equipment should be maintained regularly.

4. Automatic manure cleaning machine: farmers should check whether the equipment can work normally before using the manure cleaning machine. Farmers should observe at any time when starting the machine and pay attention to the travel switch.

The above is the appropriate precautions for the various equipments of the automatic layer battery cages. It is hoped that the farmers can operate the equipment correctly and let the equipment bring better use effect to the chicken house.