Analysis on the key points of chicken management in autumn

In the whole year of the year, it is most likely to fail to raise chickens in autumn. The incidence of autumn chickens is the highest in autumn. How to control this phenomenon in autumn? In order to effectively avoid this disease, reduce economic losses. The following is the solution

The temperature difference between day and night entering the autumn gradually began to increase, and the weather during the day was hot and the temperature dropped sharply at night. The actual water content in the air is low, which is very unfavorable for controlling the humidity requirement of chickens in the brooding stage above 70%. In the autumn, the air content in the outside air is low. After entering the house, the humidity will drop rapidly with the increase of temperature. The lower humidity will cause the respiratory mucosa of the chick.Seriously affected, this is the reason why chicken respiratory diseases are more common in autumn.

First, about the autumn chicken house ventilation

Since the autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large in poultry farming equipment. During the daytime, when mechanical ventilation is used, the outside air is pulled into the house by negative pressure. After the top of the house is fully mixed with the air in the house and falls into the interior of the house, there will be a problem. At noon, the temperature is high and the ventilation is relatively large. When the temperature drops at night, if the ventilation is turned on, the chicken will be cold. Stress, cold, phenomenon

Second, on the chicken house ventilation experience

In the ventilation management, this must be diligent, daily turn the chicken house, observe more, control the temperature adjustment, control the best time to adjust the fan and the damper, this is the chicken must be diligent and careful, only to make these details In place, it is fundamentally effective to reduce the probability of chicken onset. Pay attention to the weather and have a deeper understanding of the overall weather changes. Especially in the morning to noon, noon to evening, at the key points, while adjusting the fan, it is especially important to adjust the size of the damper.

In the process of raising chickens in the fall, most chicken diseases occur in the cold. Therefore, in the early stage of the disease or in the early stage of the disease, some more regular manufacturers can be selected for drug prevention and treatment.