Types and characteristics of automated chicken farming equipment

Automated chicken raising equipment to raise chickens, in simple terms, is to rely on some equipment to reduce the trouble and fatigue of users to raise chickens. Moreover, automated chicken farm equipment can complete chicken farming work more efficiently. In addition to the chicken industry, the development of our various industries is inseparable from the help of automation equipment, automation has become an important helper in the development of the new era. So what are the types of automated chicken farming equipment in the chicken industry, and what are their characteristics?

1. Lighting equipment: In addition to the energy-saving lamps that farmers know better, incandescent lamps, there are some automatic controllers for lighting. It can be guaranteed to turn on and off the lights on time, the switching time can be set arbitrarily, the timing is accurate; the light intensity can be adjusted.

2. Ventilation equipment: Since it is automatic chicken raising, it also needs to rely on equipment to operate in ventilation. Natural ventilation cannot grasp the change of weather, but ventilation with ventilation equipment can set time, wind speed and other issues, and will be in the chicken house. Stained air, moisture and excess heat are removed while fresh air is added. A common ventilation device is a fan.

3. Wet curtain cooling equipment: Wet curtain equipment is generally used together with the fan, the wet curtain is mainly used in the high temperature season. The weather is hot and the flocks are prone to heat stress, so farmers are required to cool the house. The main function of the cooling system of the wet curtain fan is that the high temperature air enters the chicken house through the wet curtain, which can reduce the temperature of entering the curtain of the chicken house and reduce the temperature.

4. Feeding equipment: In the past, the feeding materials were all artificially fed. The time was long and the amount of feeding of each chicken was not well grasped by the manual. It was easy to cause waste of feed and the uniformity of growth of the flock. The automatic feeding machine can realize the automatic feeding of the chicken house, and the feeding amount can be set to ensure that each chicken can evenly eat the same feed, and the timing is quantitative, convenient and quick, and the efficiency of raising chicken is greatly improved.

5. Manure cleaning equipment: it can fully automatic manure cleaning in the chicken coop. If the excrement cleaning is not timely, it will easily cause a large amount of ammonia and other harmful gases produced by the chicken coop to affect the health and production of the chicken flock. However, manual clear manure can not do every day, the use of automatic clear manure machine can automatically clear manure and can be timed, thus ensuring the environment of the chicken house, greatly reduce labor intensity, to the chicken group a good air environment.

6. Egg-collecting equipment: the egg-collecting equipment is a chicken house used for breeding laying hens. The main function is to collect and arrange the eggs produced by laying hens to a place, which is convenient for farmers to deal with and package, replacing the time and effort of previous manual egg collection, and improving the working efficiency. It can also be adjusted as needed to avoid damage to eggs.

The above types of equipment are the types and characteristics of the automated chicken feeding equipment described by the author. Nowadays, many farms have realized automatic chicken raising. The automatic chicken raising is the trend of the development of the chicken industry in the future. It is also a good helper for farmers to achieve high efficiency and high profit. Regarding the purchase points of some large poultry farming equipment, the farmers consulted the technicians of the poultry equipment manufacturers.