Management points for successful breeding in spring

In spring, the temperature difference between day and night is large. The ventilation of the chicken house uses the time control and temperature control of the fan to ensure that the air quality of the chicken house is appropriate. The temperature control manages the temperature of the chicken house to avoid excessive temperature. That is to say, the ventilation in spring should be stable, adapt to the weather changes, and change the minimum ventilation and transition ventilation in a reasonable and timely manner.


In spring, the outside temperature is high during the day and low at night. Good temperature management in the chicken poultry farming equipment requires a reasonable estimate of the temperature of the chickens. Based on this, the time-controlled ventilation time and the temperature difference are set. Grasp a principle: avoid excessive ventilation during the day and cold stress on the flocks, and overheating at night and heat stress on the flocks. Observe the flock closely and adjust the ventilation and temperature settings reasonably.

In spring, the climate is dry and the outside humidity is low. When the ventilation increases during the day, the humidity of the chicken house is difficult to meet the requirements. This requires us to humidify frequently to keep the ground moist, but not to have puddles. What does not evaporate is water, and what evaporates is humidity. . In the spring, the external climate is quite cold and warm. How strong the wind is, and the climate changes quickly. In spring, we must guard against wind and thieves, and pay attention to the airtight and heat preservation of the chicken house. Pay attention to the weather forecast in advance, take precautions, and make a plan for windy weather and chicken house management.


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In spring, everything recovers, and there are more bacteria and viruses that have been dormant for the winter. Therefore, spring is also a period of high incidence of flock diseases. This requires us to do a good job in the biosecurity of the chicken farm during the management of the chicken house, the aisle of the chicken house, and frequent humidification and disinfection. Disinfecting the basin at the door, disinfecting the spray can is essential. The second is to do a good job in the prevention of spring blight, rationally design the entire batch of chicken medication procedures, and select highly effective and sensitive drugs.

With the gradual recovery of the outside temperature in the spring, one of the questions we have to face is when is the most appropriate time to shut down the furnace? When is the best time for the chickens to cool off? The simplest explanation is that when your chicken coop produces heat and The influence of the external thermal environment on the temperature of the chicken house, under the premise of meeting the ventilation of the chickens, is enough to maintain the proper temperature required by the chickens at this time, then the furnace can be shut down. Make good use of fan temperature control and time control to reduce the temperature difference between day and night in the chicken house during the day and night, reduce the temperature difference between the body temperature of the chicken flock during the day and night, and reduce the temperature difference between the front and back of the chicken house.Especially using Fully automatic poultry farming equipment in Nigeria