Automated chicken cage suppliers talk about how to raise chickens with a high survival rate

In order to ensure the survival rate of the chicken flock, farmers are required to do a good job in feeding and management from all aspects. The following automated chicken cage suppliers will share with you how to raise chickens with a high survival rate.


Intensive chicken farming. The use of automated chicken breeding equipment for intensive chicken breeding can increase the density and number of breeding. And the chickens can be better managed in cages. The chicken is not affected by the external environment, and the survival rate of the chicken can be improved. This is also the reason why many farmers have switched to cages.


Control the environment of the chicken house. Only when chickens grow in a comfortable environment can they perform their normal growth performance. Improve the survival rate and increase the economic benefits of farmers. The automatic equipment can automatically adjust the air outlet, oxygen content and humidity through the  automatic ventilation system. This can ensure the healthy growth of chickens and the quality of eggs.


Suitable stocking density. Although chickens are raised in chicken cages in large numbers, they must be raised in accordance with standards. Farmers cannot increase the number and density at will. Because the density is too large, the growth of chickens is not balanced. It will also increase harmful gases in the air. Cause chickens to be susceptible to disease.


Develop a reasonable immunization program. In the daily breeding process, the immunization program must be formulated according to the epidemic situation of the disease and the actual situation of the chicken house. Choose a good immunization method to effectively prevent infectious diseases.