What are the benefits of the automatic egg collection system ?

With the development of the breeding industry. The emergence of automated intelligent equipment. It brings great convenience to work in many industries. The application of automatic egg collection system not only improves the efficiency of egg picking for farmers. At the same time, a lot of manpower input is reduced, and great benefits can be easily obtained. The specific advantages are shown in:


   1. The automatic egg collection system is made of special materials, is corrosion-resistant, has a long service life, and can be used for more than 20 years.

  2. The equipment and system have the function of preventing the eggs from falling and breaking, which can reduce the expenditure of manpower and material resources, and at the same time reduce the breakage rate of the eggs, improve the quality and efficiency of the egg collection, and is suitable for various large-scale chicken farms

  3. The eggs are transported from the cage net egg trough to the head end of the chicken house through the conveyor belt transmission device or sent to the egg storage through the central egg collection system. The degree of automation is high, manpower is saved, and labor productivity is greatly improved.

  4. With soft broken egg filtering function: the transmission mechanism of the soft broken egg filtering system adopts chain, sprocket drive, and the transmission is stable. This system is mainly installed according to the needs of customers, and the soft eggs are leaked into the soft egg tray below. Prevent the egg mucus that is broken during the transportation of soft eggs from sticking to the upload system and contaminate the finished eggs.


Therefore, the automatic egg collection system has obvious advantages.  It has full utilization and value realization in the chicken industry. It is undoubtedly a good helper for farmers and a great progress in the scientific development of the breeding industry.