Reasons for thinning of eggshells in layer cages and solutions

It is not a good thing for farmers to thin the eggshells of eggs laid by chickens in layer cages. This not only affects the quality of eggs, but also affects the sale of eggs. After experience summarizing, light, temperature and air quality will affect the quality of eggs.


The main components of eggshells are calcium and phosphorus. When the laying hen is incubating. The requirements for the nutrients in the feed are very high. The content of nutrients will affect absorption. Then it will affect the quality of the eggshell. Farmers should pay attention to whether the nutrition of the feed is balanced.


Farmers also need to clean up chicken manure in time. Strengthen the ventilation of the chicken house. Because the chicken manure will produce harmful gas if it is not cleaned. Have an impact on chickens. Farmers also need to pay attention to the temperature of the chicken house. If the temperature of the chicken house is too high, the feed intake of the chicken will decrease, which will affect the egg production of the chicken.

There is also the aging of the hens. Under normal feeding conditions, the uterine glands of young hens can secrete calcium carbonate normally. To old age. Due to the deposition of body fat, a certain amount of fat will be deposited in the uterine glands. This in turn affects the secretory function of the glands. It will make the eggshell thinner and brittle. When encountering this situation. Chicken farmers must carefully check the health of their chickens. For chickens that are old and have poor egg quality, we should eliminate them as soon as possible.


If none of the above conditions. It is very likely that the chicken flock is suffering from disease. There are many diseases that affect chicken secretion. Thereby affecting the quality of the eggshell. Faced with this situation, it is necessary to find out the cause of the disease and treat it in time. Avoid affecting the quality of laying eggs.


The reasons and solutions for the thinning of eggshells of laying hens summarized by the suppliers and manufacturers of automated chicken raising equipment above. Hope it can be helpful to farmers.