What do you need to pay attention to when breeding chicks?

Breeding chicks need to pay attention to the following aspects:
1. Preparation before brooding: One week before brooding, the brooding room should be cleaned and disinfected. The whole brood room is best fumigated with formaldehyde (40 ml/cubic meter) and potassium permanganate (20 g/cubic meter) for 24 hours, and the ground walls are sprayed with 1%-3% heat alkali water for disinfection. Chick cages are generally used to raise chicks, so the chick cages are installed before fumigation.
2. Density control: must control the density when breeding, too dense will appear extrusion phenomenon, affect the growth of chicks, reduce income. The proper density is conducive to the activity and growth of chicks.
3. Heat preservation: chicks are sensitive to temperature, pay attention to maintaining the temperature in the hen house. In the cold season, equipment such as thermal insulation lights or electric blankets can be set up in the chicken house to ensure the healthy growth of chicks.
4. Feed and drinking water: chicks have strong metabolism and need to supply nutritious compound feed and ensure fresh air supply. When feeding, pay attention to observe the appetite and feeding situation of the chicks, adjust the feed amount and feeding times. Drinking water should be kept clean and replaced regularly.
5. Environmental cleanliness: Keep the chicken house hygienic, regularly clean feces and garbage, avoid bacterial growth, reduce the risk of disease.
6. Disease prevention and control: closely observe the health status of chicks, and immediately isolate and treat any abnormalities. Vaccinations should be carried out on time to strengthen epidemic prevention and control.
7. Light and ventilation: Ensure the light and ventilation in the chicken house, which is conducive to the growth and development of chicks and disease prevention and control. Proper lighting and ventilation can reduce the concentration of harmful gases such as ammonia and reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases.
8. Observation and management: Regularly observe the growth status, behavioral characteristics and feed intake of chicks, etc., to discover and deal with problems in time.
9. Avoid stress: chicks are timid and frightened, try to avoid stress factors such as sudden noise and animal intrusion, and maintain the stability of the environment in the hen house.
10. Breeding technology training: learn and master the techniques and methods of breeding chicks to improve the success rate of breeding. In the breeding process, constantly sum up experience, improve their own breeding level.
Through the above measures, can effectively improve the survival rate of chicken breeding, for broiler breeding to create good economic benefits.