About broiler breeding technology in chicken house

Generally speaking, if chickens are raised on a large scale, the chickens are chosen to be kept in cages. This can save the land resources and maximize the use of chicken cages to raise chickens. The number of chickens can be increased and more environmentally friendly. It can also reduce waste for chicken feed in poultry farming equipment .

According to the nutritional needs of caged broilers, research and design of the corresponding feed formula to meet the needs of growth and development under high-density cage conditions. The vitamins in the feed formula are increased by an average of 20% over the ground level, which is suitable for caged broilers.

The caged broiler house must be a fully enclosed chicken house without a window. The exhaust fan will exhaust the air inside the house, and the fresh air will enter the house through the air inlet. Artificial lighting is used in the house instead of natural light. When the temperature is high, the house should be equipped with a wet curtain to cool down, and in the cold season, artificial heating or the use of the chicken’s own heat can be used to keep the temperature inside the house within the comfort range.