Combination of nipple water lines

It has been observed that the nipple waterline is very common in the aquaculture industry and is an ideal drinking water device for farmers. This avoids the waste of water source, and the nipple water line is a closed drinking water device, which can ensure the freshness of the water, avoid the pollution of the water, and reduce the occurrence of disease in the flock.

Papillary waterline components and functions

Filters are used to filter impurities in the water to allow the drinking water system to work effectively and provide enough clean water. The structure has a plastic shell, a filter screen and two water pressure gauges at both ends, one is a water inlet pressure gauge and the other is a water outlet pressure gauge. When the water passes through the filter screen, dirt and impurities are adsorbed by the filter screen. When the outlet pressure of the filter is less than the inlet water pressure, the impurities in the filter screen are washed out. If the backflushing is not frequent, the chicken drinking water is affected, and the impurities will enter the addition. The nipple of the medicine device and the pressure regulator affects the normal work, and the sealing structure of the nipple is blocked, so that a large amount of water leakage occurs, so the filter screen or the filter screen needs to be treated if necessary.

large scale chicken farming

Regulator. The pressure regulator should be properly adjusted according to the drinking water needs of the chicken. The transparent water pipe above is set for pressure indication and exhaust. It can be adjusted according to the age of the chicken and the amount of drinking water. There are “+,-” on the adjustment spiral. Mark, increase the water pressure to “+” and reduce the water pressure to “-“. The pressure regulator should be cleaned regularly. When cleaning, disassemble the whole regulator. Clean the dirt inside with detergent and scouring pad. On the side of the regulator is a recoil valve to open the recoil. The valve acts to flush the water line directly without the regulator when the water flows.

Electric shock line. Prevent the chickens in the flat chickens from jumping on the waterline (especially during the breeding period), and crush the waterline to cause damage to the waterline.

The water line consists of two parts: a fixed steel pipe and a water storage pipe. The fixed steel pipe is used to fix the lower water storage pipe to keep the water line straight and firm. The water storage pipe is where clean drinking water is stored.

The nipple includes five parts: stainless steel ball, sealing ring, flow pin, stainless steel contact and saddle. Function: The stainless steel ball acts as a water barrier; the sealing ring prevents water leakage; the flow pin acts as a water inlet and controls the water volume, and can enter the water when the core is lifted. The stainless steel contacts are provided for the chicken to simmer and have a water-repellent effect, and the saddle prevents the nipple from falling off the plastic tube.

Waterline lifting system. It includes a lifter that lifts the whole and a regulator that acts as a local lift.

Dosing device: It plays the role of adding drugs to the waterline.

The above is the water drinking equipment needed to raise chickens in chicken cage equipment. Multi-purpose and broiler farming and chick farming.