How to reduce egg damage

When raising chickens in poultry cage equipment, there are often some broken eggs during the laying period, which will bring huge losses to the economic benefits of the farmers. How to reduce the damage of the eggs?

Increase the number of egg quail eggs, avoid collisions, lighten the movements, keep the chicken healthy, reduce the incidence of disease, otherwise it will not only reduce the egg production but also reduce the quality of the eggshell, thus increasing the egg breaking rate.

green shell eggs

Satisfy the nutritional needs of chickens, and properly supplement nutrition. In the hot season, the temperature in the house is relatively high. In order to reduce the heat stress of the flock, the calcium content in the diet can be appropriately increased.

To reduce the occurrence of stress factors, it is necessary to keep the environment inside and outside the house quiet and comfortable, and create a good environment for the chickens to grow.