What are the characteristics of the use of poultry farming equipment?

Poultry farming chicken cages is the first equipment that farmers should consider before purchasing chickens. Different methods of raising chickens, poultry breeding equipment is also different, with the development of modern scientific farming, automated chicken farming equipment accounts for the mainstream of the current breeding industry.

The feeding system of the standardized feeding house of the feeding system consists of: a feed tower or a feed feeder, a feeder, a trough and the like. The feed or feed tower of the feed tower is located at one end or side of the chicken house. It is a temporary storage of feed prepared from the feed mill or feed plot, and generally stores 3 to 7 days of feed. The storage material is stamped from a 1.5 mm thick galvanized steel plate with a cylindrical shape and a conical shape at the lower part. The cone and the horizontal plane should be larger than 60° to facilitate the discharge. The storage tower is connected to the feeder of the front feed car and the chicken house to form a chicken supply system. The storage tower has the advantages of moisture proof and mildew proof. Moreover, the use of the storage tower saves the cost of handling and feed packaging, saves the consumption of feed during transportation, reduces production costs, and is a new type of automated chicken feed line suitable for raising and using chicken cages to raise chickens.

local chicken raising

The feeder raises the feed between the feeds from the ground to the chicken feeder, generally using a spiral lifting method. It can be integrated with the feeder. Requirements: Uniform lifting, low noise and power saving.

The chicken feed line is easy to install and low in cost. All the sides of the trough are bent inward to prevent the chicken from picking up the feed and spilling it out of the pan. According to the size of the chicken body, the height of the trough should be properly adjusted to make the chicken more comfortable and improve the feed conversion rate.

The automated poultry farming equipment is suitable for raising chickens in flat cages. The tray is suitable for all kinds of cultured feeding trays. The feeding equipment can be used automatically and semi-automatically. According to the scale of cultivation and the method of breeding, farmers can choose to purchase suitable feeding equipment for chickens to eat.