Keep chickens to prevent high temperature diseases

The temperature in summer is high. If the humidity in the chicken battery cages is large, the density of the flock is too large, and the ventilation is poor and the drinking water is insufficient, the chicken is prone to high temperature disease.

First, heat stroke

Young chicks are very sensitive to direct sunlight, especially young chicks that have just hatched for a few days, and are more prone to heat stroke during the hot summer months. The lack of drinking water equipment or drinking fountains is too small, the chicken house is small, surrounded by tall walls, around the chicken house or even the roof is closed by plastic film, which is the cause of heat stroke in young chicks and adult chickens.

Second, the production of thin shell eggs

When the temperature is as high as 32 ° C or above, the appetite decreases due to heat dissipation of the chicken. At the same time, the high temperature can make the chicken thyroid function disorder, the absorption of calcium is reduced, and it is easy to produce shellless eggs or thin shell eggs.

For the above reasons, the following points should be noted in prevention and control:

1. Ensure ventilation and supply plenty of water; reduce the stocking density in summer and try to let the chicken rest.

2. For heatstroke sick chickens, first transfer to a cool and ventilated place, place the chicken legs in a cold water basin, use a needle to pierce the cocks or the inner blood vessels of the wings, and administer 10 ml of normal
saline. If the flock is difficult to transfer, ventilation should be strengthened, cold water should be poured on the outer wall and top of the chicken house, and the chicken should be fed with broken watermelon skin.

3. Add 2% eggshell powder and supplement a sufficient amount of vitamin D on the basis of the normal daily food intake of the laying hens.