Skills that cannot be ignored when using breeding equipment to raise chickens

What are the skills that cannot be ignored when using breeding equipment to raise chickens? Doing these can help your chicken coop last longer. You can also raise chickens better.


The beaks of chickens must be cut off in a timely manner. Prevent chickens from pecking feathers, anal pecking and other evils. Two days before cutting the beak, vitamin C and vitamin K should be added to the feed to prevent bleeding and stress in the chicken body when the beak is broken. Anti-stress additives should be added to the feed or drinking water 3 to 5 days after the beak is cut off, and the trough and water tank should be filled to prevent the chicken from affecting the growth due to the difficulty in eating and drinking after the beak is cut off.



Weed out chickens with low yields in time. When using breeding equipment to raise chickens. We all want to raise a few more chickens. But know that low-yield chickens will only harm the interests of farmers. In order to save feed and improve economic efficiency, it is necessary to eliminate low-yield chickens in time. The criteria for judging low-yield chickens are: First, the beak is yellow, the crown is small and pale, and the main wing feathers fall off. The second is that the abdominal cavity is small, the distance between the pubic bones is small, and the cloaca is small and dry.

After the laying hens have been raised for 11 to 12 months, if the egg production rate is still high and the market egg price is also high, in order to save the time and cost of cultivating new hens, the laying time of the laying hens can be extended by forced moulting ,Improve economic efficiency. Deworming regularly. It can effectively prevent various intestinal parasitic diseases of chickens, reduce feed waste, improve feed utilization, and reduce costs.