How to choose battery chicken cages for intensive chicken farming?

If you choose to intensively raise chickens, you should know what chicken battery cages should be used. Cage-raised chickens are still a difficult task in choosing a cage. For this problem, the following aspects are briefly summarized, and I hope it will be helpful to you when choosing to buy chicken cages.

  1. The brooding cage (1~40 days old) generally adopts 3~4 layer overlapping type. The total height of the cage is about 1.7 meters, and the total length depends on the scale of rearing. The height of the feet of the cage is 100-150 mm, the length of each single cage is 1800 mm, the height of the cage is 300-400 mm, and the depth of the cage is 400-500. Millimeters, the mesh of the cage is generally rectangular or square. The hole diameter of the bottom net is 12.5×12.5 mm, and the hole diameter of the side net and the top net is 25×25 mm. Each cage can accommodate about 40 chicks.


  1. Growing cages (41-140 days old), generally three-layered, with an overall width of 1.6-1.7 meters and a height of 1.7-1.8 meters. Each single cage is 1800 mm long, 400 mm high and 420 mm deep. The bottom mesh of the cage is 20-40 mm. The meshes on the top, sides and back of the cage are 25×25 mm. The cage door is 140-150 mm wide, and each single cage can accommodate 7-15 chickens.


  1. Cage for laying hens(141 days old ~ end of laying). Generally three or four floors. The length of the chicken cage is 1800 mm. The width is 450 mm and the length is 410 mm. This is the data of a chicken coop with four floors and five doors. It can breed 160 chickens.


The above is the detailed data of brooding chicken cages, broiler cages, and layer cages. Farmers can choose the cage equipment according to the type of chicken.