Laying chicken cages need attention

Raising chickens in layer cages has become an indispensable equipment for farmers to intensively raise chickens. It is also a right-hand man for farmers. So for farmers, what should be paid attention to when using battery layer cages to raise chickens?

Carry out 24 hours of light or 23 hours of continuous light for 1 hour of darkness, and the purpose of 1 hour of darkness is to prevent power outages, so that the chickens can adapt to the dark environment, and will not cause the chickens to be crowded and suffocated due to power outages. The chicken house with windows can be artificially supplemented at night with the help of natural sunlight from the sun during the day.

The air environment of the chicken house. Chicken cages are raised with a high density and there are a large number of chickens in the chicken house. Therefore, the chicken house produces a large amount of manure every day. The manure will cause harmful gases such as ammonia and carbon dioxide. Therefore, in order to discharge harmful gases and supplement oxygen, farmers must Strengthen the ventilation of the chicken house. Reasonable ventilation can effectively reduce the temperature of the chicken house and the entry of fresh air, and give the chicken a suitable growth environment.

The use of chicken layer cages to raise chickens should be equipped with enough feeding troughs and water troughs: under the conditions of large groups of high-density breeding, it is necessary to keep each chicken with an appropriate trough and trough length, and these troughs and troughs should be as uniform as possible Placed in various parts of the chicken house. In this way, although the density of the chicken flock is high, each chicken can have a certain position and can eat and drink water nearby to ensure that there is no shortage of feed water, so that its production performance will not be affected.

Frequent removal of manure: chicken flocks produce manure every day, especially in chicken farms that use chicken breeding equipment to raise chickens. If the manure is cleaned, the manure will produce harmful gases such as ammonia. These harmful gases will seriously affect the health of the chickens and increase the prevalence of the chickens. Therefore, qualified farmers can install automatic manure removal equipment to mechanize the cleaning. manure.