What should broiler battery cages notice when chicken?

Layout of the poultry house. The layout of the poultry house should be planned according to the site topography, terrain and other natural conditions. Broiler battery cages for sale are easy to produce and manage.

Chicken cages is generally horizontal into a row, longitudinal into a row, namely each cages should be parallel and orderly comb arrangement, chicken cage systems production, cannot intersect.



1,Check the lights. The use of broiler cages requires soft and bright light. It can reach all corners of the chicken coop. Don’t have dark corners.

2, check the electrical wiring. Each electrical circuit must be carefully check to prevent leaking connections. Chicken cage system chicken farm once the leakage of metal consequences unimaginable.

3,Check water line. Make sure cages pipes are leaky and impermeable.


To make sure there are no hidden dangers in the chicken cage systems. Must do the above inspection work. In addition, it is recommended that farmers, broiler cage breeding process, should pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of poultry equipment and disinfection. In this way, we can work better for farmers. Increase the service life of equipment.