How to Choose Chicken Feed in Using Modern Poultry Farm Equipment?

Feed is an important source of nutrients for chickens, and it is also a relatively large cost for farmers. Therefore, farmers must choose high-quality, nutritious and comprehensive feeds during the process of purchasing chicken feed so that they can not cause waste. To meet the nutritional requirements of the flocks, which can also reduce the cost of the expenditure.

The feed product package must follow the requirements of ensuring quality and safety, and it is easy to store, transport and use. When purchasing, pay attention to the oldness of the outer bag and the line of the sewing door. If the appearance is old and rough, the handwriting pattern will fade or become obscure, indicating that the feed has been stored for too long or the transfer is outdated, or it is counterfeit, which can not purchase.

Choose good quality chicken feed will be helpful for your chickens.

The basic contents of the inspection certificate, label and description label for feed products include: trademark, production license team number, product name, feeding object, product composition assurance storage and raw material composition, net weight, production date, product validity period, and factory The product name, product name, product code, and other product specifications include the product name, applicable object, usage method, and usage. As long as the products are marked with perfect answers, the product description is true, and there are product certifications and registered trademark feed products, the general quality is more reliable, and the farmers can purchase with confidence.

Chicken feeds is an important factor for your chickens health.

When purchasing, you should pay more attention to the quality of the product. You can open the package to smell, view package, bear swab, good quality feed products smell aromatic. When the hand is firmly gripped, the powdery material does not form a mass, and the open material has a large hardness, is not easily broken, and is concave and smooth. When the feed is slowly lowered from the hand, the liquidity is good, and the granular feed has a crisp sound when it is dropped. Also, be careful not to buy too much at a time to avoid deterioration after a long storage time.