What should be care about when raising chickens in battery layer cages?

Battery layer cages are now essential poultry farming equipment in the poultry farming industry. The huge advantage it exerts in the breeding process has been widely recognized by farmers. However, in the process of use, there will also be some operating points that farmers do not grasp the points, leading to the lack of aquaculture advantages.

Farmers must first pay attention to the diet of the chickens. In order to prevent chickens from getting sick, farmers can add crude fiber to the chicken feed to ensure that there are certain carbohydrates in the chickens.

Secondly, when farmers use cascading chicken cages to raise chickens, the density must be reasonably arranged so as to be suitable for the growth of chickens.

Third, in the process of breeding, stacking chicken cages are prone to uneven light exposure to the upper, middle and bottom layers of chickens, which will affect the average growth of the chickens. Therefore, farmers must take care before using stacked chicken cages. The light bulbs in the chicken coop should be installed properly. It is recommended to install them one-on-one, so as to ensure that the chickens receive even light.

Fourth, chickens live in chicken coops, which limits the amount of activity of the flock. Farmers can appropriately tap the chicken cage or feed trough to produce sounds to make the chickens move and avoid wasting the chickens.

The above are the key points that the automatic poultry equipment manufacturer summarized to the farmers about the cascading chicken cages that must be grasped during the use process. I hope that the key points described today can be paid more attention to in the subsequent breeding process of the farmers to ensure the breeding of the chickens.