Ways to raise chickens to make money

1,Construction of the chicken house: First of all, you must know whether you need to raise chicken or broiler chicken. It is determined that the construction of the chicken house will be designed according to the breeds that you raise. The height of the ground in the chicken house should be about 35 cm higher than the outer ground. The east and west walls of the chicken house should have windows to facilitate summer ventilation and cooling.

2, the choice of chicks: the choice of chicks is the first major step in your farming to make money or not to make money. Chicken seedlings are living things, and you can’t buy which ones cheaper. When picking chickens, you should eliminate them for weak chickens.

3, feed feeding should pay attention not to waste economic losses

4, chicken feeding management: disease management, emergencies. Proper feeding determines whether your flock can grow healthily in chicken battery cages.