What do farmers need to prepare when using chicken cages to raise chickens?

As the market demand for eggs and chicken continues to increase, many people want to start a chicken business in order to improve their efficiency. For novice farmers, before raising chickens, they must learn and prepare all aspects of chicken raising. So what do you need to prepare to raise chickens? The author has summarized a few key points for farmers, and now I will share them with novice farmers for reference and learning.

1. Choose suitable poultry breeding equipment. Nowadays, chicken farming is no longer a fully artificial era. Whether it is a small chicken house or a large chicken house, some poultry breeding equipment must be used to assist chickens and improve the efficiency of chicken breeding. Among them, chicken coops are the chicken-raising method chosen by most farmers. The multi-layer cages used in chicken coops can increase the utilization rate of chicken coops and increase the number of chickens. There are also feeding machines, manure cleaners, egg pickers, fan wet curtains and other chicken raising equipment, which are more commonly used by modern farmers. Farmers can reasonably choose some chicken raising equipment for auxiliary breeding according to their actual conditions.

2. Adjust the temperature before entering the chicken. Chickens are raised from the chicks. The chicks are just born chickens, and all functions of the body are not growing well, so it needs a relatively high temperature to adapt to the environment and grow healthy. Therefore, before letting the chicks enter the chicken house, the breeder should adjust the temperature of the chicken house in advance, and adjust the temperature of the chicken house to above 28℃, and then gradually reduce the temperature as the chicks grow.

3. Disinfect before entering the chickens: most of the chicken houses of novice farmers are new, and many farmers think that disinfection is not necessary. In fact, it is not the case. Whether it is a new or old one, you must be careful before entering the chicken. In this way, the hygiene and health of the chicken house can be ensured. It is recommended that the farmers thoroughly disinfect the chicken house within one week before entering the chicken.

4. Check whether the utensils are complete. Raising chickens requires many utensils, such as troughs, sinks, drinking fountains, lighting equipment, thermometers, hygrometers and syringes. You must purchase these utensils before raising chickens, so that you can not panic during the process of raising chickens, and you can find what you need in time. It is unnecessary to buy them and waste time.

5. Choose good vaccines and immunization equipment. In the process of raising chicks, in order to prevent various infectious diseases of chicks, farmers need to immunize chicks in time. Therefore, before raising chickens, farmers must first learn what kind of immunization is required at the chick stage, and then choose a good vaccine and immunization equipment.

6. Preparation of the vehicle. Farmers must first determine how many chicks they need to raise before entering the chickens. After determining the transportation quantity, they choose different vehicles. Generally, vans are used for transportation within 2000.

The above six points are the main points of the poultry farming equipment that the author tells for the farmers. l I hope that the above description can bring some help to the novice farmers and make your road of raising chickens smoother. Thank you for your attention!