How can poultry farming be transferred to more benefits

The development of poultry breeding projects is to obtain more economic benefits. Today, we will analyze it from four aspects.

Buy chicken fry from regular manufacturers. Don’t be greedy to buy chicken seedlings cheaply. The chicks from the regular manufacturers are healthy, have good physical fitness, and are not easy to get sick.

If you want to successfully raise chickens, you must protect the health of livestock and poultry. High and stable production is a key factor. There are many issues that need attention, such as the construction and layout of the chicken house, ventilation, temperature, humidity, light, drinking water, etc. It is recommended that farmers use automatic poultry farming equipment to achieve intensive breeding. The above work can be done efficiently and scientifically with poultry equipment. In addition, farmers also need a high degree of meticulousness and responsibility.

Reduce chicken disease and improve the immunity of poultry. Rely on your own immune system to resist external pathogens. Many friends who raise chickens do not know vaccines at all, do not pay attention to normal drugs and disinfection prevention, and have not formed a standardized reproduction mode. Everything is raised on a large scale in a rural free-range model, and can’t keep up with ideas, and if the chickens have problems, they can’t do anything.

Scientific immunization procedures and correct epidemic prevention measures. Because there are no problems in the process of raising chickens, it means that there are no problems very common. There are four diseases in chickens. Incubation period, prodromal period, obvious period and return period. Then the chicken does not get sick means that there is no disease, but in fact it is just the incubation period of a disease. When it was discovered, it had reached a significant period. This was also the main reason for the increase in medicine costs, the increase in chicken mortality, and the poor control of the disease. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to timely scientific treatment and prevention methods. The scientific immunization program should be determined by combining the epidemic situation of the surrounding chicken diseases, the disease history of the farm and the current situation of the chicken flock.

The above is the effective and efficient way to raise poultry shared by chicken cage manufacturers. Hope the above description can help farmers.