The development trend of modern poultry cage system

In large and medium-sized poultry farms, the operation of intelligent chicken breeding equipment has basically been realized, and some farmers believe that they need to invest a lot of costs. In fact, the use of fully automatic poultry farming equipment can reduce employment costs and reduce labor intensity.

Automatic chicken raising equipment is the development trend of the bird industry in the new era, including automatic manure removal equipment, automatic drinking water equipment, automatic egg collection equipment, automatic feeding equipment, temperature control equipment in the poultry cage system.



Entering the fully-automatic poultry farming equipment farm, you can see the fully closed chicken house. The accumulation equipment is the main equipment of modern poultry. The chicken breeding cage and the type of supply system, drinking water system, manure removal system, and temperature control system are used in the laying hen house. , The dimming system realizes the uniformity of feed, sufficient drinking water, regular cleaning of feces, temperature and humidity adjustment, and uniform light distribution. Equipped with an automatic feeding device to realize automatic feeding, improve labor productivity, and save manpower. This kind of automatic cleaning equipment is dry and hygienic, saving trouble. It can remove feces many times, reduce cross-infection caused by environmental pollution, effectively prevent diseases, and reduce respiratory diseases in chickens. The egg breakage rate of the fully automatic laying hen equipment is relatively low, and it is stable and efficient. Greatly improve the efficiency of breeding, reduce labor costs and breeding costs.

Automated equipment can ensure the interests of farmers and good breeding, but in the breeding process, careful care, careful observation, and appropriate epidemic prevention and control measures are better for these benefits.