Use of poultry battery cages

Poultry battery cages are suitable for breeding laying hens, broilers and chicks. And its full set uses hot-dip galvanizing process, corrosion-resistant, and the designed service life is 15-20 years.

In addition, modern poultry farming equipment is designed to fully consider the compatibility with other equipment, and can be used in conjunction with automated manure removal systems, automated feeding systems, drinking water systems, and poultry ventilation systems. The structure is reasonable, investment is saved, and productivity is improved.

The supporting use of  automatic poultry equipment makes full use of the chicken coop space, increases the number of poultry breeding, and increases the utilization rate of the chicken coop by more than 200%. At the same time, the automation supporting facilities are perfectly integrated. The breeding method is innovative, from the original large group flat rearing to a small group of 12 per cage. Broiler chickens are fed with single grains and a drinking fountain is used alone to avoid cross-infection, reduce disease transmission and reduce the cost of medication. Reduce the proportion of coccidiosis, black breast disease, black toe disease and other defective chickens, and reduce the proportion of disabled chickens from the original 30% to 15%.

Innovative chicken management, using automatic feeding, automatic drinking, and automatic manure removal system. Reduce dust in the chicken house, no ammonia, fresh air, improve the quality of the living environment of broilers. And reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases and coccidiosis. At the same time, it reduces labor intensity and improves labor efficiency.

The use of poultry cage system solves the contradiction between environment and density. It has realized the good effect of high density and high efficiency in poultry breeding. So, farmers, what are you waiting for? Such high-quality equipment should be used in poultry farms quickly. Provide a high-tech home for your poultry.