A comprehensive understanding of battery chicken cages

For chicken cages, the main types of cages currently on the market are stacked chicken cages and stepped chicken cages. The cascading cages also include battery layer chicken cages and battery broiler cages, both of which are designed for different growth characteristics of laying hens and broilers. The reason why farmers choose these two kinds of cages for breeding chickens is definitely to benefit from their breeding advantages. In order to enable farmers to have a comprehensive understanding of these two kinds of equipment, the following describes the shortcomings of the stacked chicken cages in the breeding process.

1. Equipment manufacturing and installation requirements are relatively high, especially with high water level and precision.

2. The installation time required for the equipment is relatively high, and the installation cost is also required.

3. Compared with the stepped type, the stacked chicken cage has lower ventilation performance, and there is no stepped chicken cage with good ventilation performance.

4. The flock receives uneven light intensity.

5. Due to the large number of cages, the farmers may have difficulty feeding and uneven feeding when feeding.

The above is what we want to tell the farmers today about some of the shortcomings of the battery chicken cages in the breeding process. Farmers can only better cultivate if they have a comprehensive understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the equipment during the breeding process. The so-called knowing oneself and knowing each other is the truth. It is this reason to understand that the disadvantages of equipment exist in the breeding, so it is not a problem to raise chickens.