How to manage the laying hens in the summer?

The hot weather in summer is the peak of egg production in the flock. Because the air in the house is humid and dirty, various pathogenic microorganisms are easy to grow and breed, which induces respiratory and intestinal infectious diseases, thus increasing the incidence of chickens, reducing feed intake, and drinking water. Increase, the stool becomes thinner, and the egg weight becomes smaller, the eggshell becomes thinner, the broken egg increases, the egg production decreases, and the production of the laying hen is lost. To keep the laying hens high, pay attention to the following points:

1. Control the temperature of the chicken house: Temperature is an important factor affecting the health of broiler chickens. Therefore, farmers must strictly implement the temperature requirements required for broilers, and pay attention to timely cooling in the summer, in the winter. Pay attention to the work of warming up, only to maintain a comfortable temperature to ensure the healthy growth of the flock.

2. Ensure that the drinking water of the chickens is clean. If the drinking water of the chickens is not clean, the water contains impurities or other germs, and the chickens will suffer discomfort after drinking, so it is necessary to ensure that the water consumed by the chickens is clean and pollution-free.

3. Timely adjustment of feed formula: high temperature weather will affect the feed intake of chickens, and the reduction of feed intake of chickens will not meet the needs of nutrients in the body, so farmers should adjust their feeding in the summer. Increase the amount of energy and protein added to the feed, as well as add some vitamins and trace elements.

4. Supply sufficient cool drinking water: Continuously supply low-temperature well water as much as possible at high temperature. After drinking, the chicken can significantly reduce body temperature and prevent heat stress.

5. Sunscreen sunscreen. Shade nets on the sunny side of the house, direct sunlight, and the air inlet of the house to avoid direct sunlight. After the air passes through the sunshade net, it cools into the house, which can reduce the temperature inside the house by 2~3 °C.

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