The farm should be ventilated frequently

Many customers now use broiler equipment to raise chickens. The correct breeding concept can ensure the healthy growth of chickens. Especially the ventilation of the chicken house.

House ventilation is very important for chickens. Poor ventilation may cause chickens to get sick. Will lose the income of farmers. Farmers must increase ventilation to ensure the demand for broilers. Ventilate while maintaining a suitable temperature.


In the process of intensively breeding broilers in cages. Because of the large number of breeding, the density is high. Farmers need timely ventilation to ensure the environment of the chicken house. Therefore, in the daily breeding process, the ventilation of the chicken house is very important. So what is the effect of raising chickens for ventilation?



The ventilation of the chicken house will directly affect the healthy growth of broilers. The healthy growth of broiler flocks is inseparable from oxygen. Enough oxygen in the chicken house can promote the metabolism of chickens. Persist in chicken body health and improve feed conversion rate. Especially the closed chicken houses with multi-layer cages are used, and the number of breeding is high. The chickens exhale a lot of carbon dioxide. In addition to the ammonia and other harmful gases in the chicken house, if the ventilation is not timely, it may cause the broilers to breathe in the harmful gases and cause diseases.


In the daily breeding process, the farmers can remove many harmful gases in the chicken house through the excellent ventilation of the chicken house, such as the water vapor, carbon dioxide, ammonia, dust and remaining heat generated in the chicken house. It can be exhausted through effective ventilation to provide enough fresh air for the chickens.

Broiler time in the late breeding period. Farmers should pay more attention to ventilation operations. This is because the broiler chickens gain weight in the later stage, and the feed intake will also increase, and the excretion of the broiler flocks also increases, with more feces and more ammonia. If the farmers cannot ventilate them in time to discharge these harmful gases out of the chicken house, then the environment of the chicken house will be bad, which will not only seriously affect the growth rate of broiler chickens, but also increase the mortality of broiler chickens.