How to selection chicken feed

When we are raising chicken in poultry farming equipment for sale ,The purchase of chicken feed is very important. It depends on the cost of the farmer and the healthy growth of the chicken. Therefore, special attention should be paid when selecting the feed. The good choice of feed can not only enable the growth and production of the chicken to reach the standard. It also saves farmers money.

First, choose feed according to different growth stages: different chicken breeds, the feed nutrients required by day age are different, so farmers should choose different compound feeds according to different chicken breeds and different growth stages.

chicks health

Second, do not change the manufacturer’s feed casually: although the large feed looks similar in appearance, it will be different, so don’t change it during the feeding process. It is easy to cause chicken stress reaction when it is replaced too frequently, which is not good for chicken. Growing.

Third, choose a regular feed factory: Before purchasing feed, you should understand the production capacity, technical strength and management level of the feed production enterprise.

Fourth, look at the uniformity. The quality feed mix is ​​very uniform.

Fifth, look at the shelf life. Do not purchase feed that exceeds the shelf life and does not indicate the shelf life.