What are the broiler breeding equipment in the breeding process?

1. Broiler equipment cages: The use of broiler chicken farm cage in Nigeria for breeding broilers can fully use the area of ​​the hen house to raise more chickens, which can improve the breeding number of farmers, and the floor area of ​​the cages is relatively small. Households saving chicken house area can improve the number of farmers. When broiler cages are used for breeding, the flocks can be effectively isolated from faeces, which prevents the flocks from contacting the faeces to reduce the spread of disease.


2. Automatic feeding building: The automatic feeding machine is specially designed for the feeding of cages. The feeding machine has a weird layout, practical, time-saving and labor-saving, uniform feeding, and low consumption. It is powered by batteries, DC motors, Low noise, convenient operation, flexible steering, small turning space, convenient maintenance, etc.




3. Automatic manure removal building: The manure removal machine is widely used for the removal of manure from caged poultry and livestock. It can realize unmanned management, automatic manure removal on time, any time setting, temporary manure removal, simple and fast operation, and automatic manual operation. In the conversion, there is no need for many people to manage the faeces. Chicken manure follows the manure scraper to the end and falls into the manure removal belt to be transported to the manure pulling truck, which can improve the environment in the house and reduce the incidence of diseases.


4. Automatic drinking fountains: Water is a substance that cannot be found in chicken breeding, so drinking fountains are one of the necessary buildings. From the perspective of water conservation and prevention of bacterial contamination, nipple drinking fountains are water supply buildings that can control the ambition and can achieve Eggs and broilers drink water automatically and do not require farmers to feed water manually, which is highly efficient. However, farmers should pay attention to the need to choose a high-quality water-tight drinking fountain.


5. Ventilation and cooling heating buildings: including fans and wet curtain buildings, heating buildings are also very important for chicken in chicken battery cages.