How to improve the laying rate of laying hens in autumn farms

After the chicken house enters the autumn, the weather turns cold and the temperature difference between day and night is large. In addition, after continuous high temperature in summer, the appetite will decrease and the digestion capacity will be worse. Therefore, in the actual aquaculture management, we must do the following management measures. Improve egg production rate and improve farming efficiency in poultry cage manufacturers in nigeria!



First, carefully observe

Carefully observe the overall and individual conditions of the flock, including mental state, appetite, drinking water and feces use poultry feeders and drinkers price in nigeria, in the morning and evening feeding, to determine whether the flock is abnormal.

Second, timely fill light

In autumn, the natural light is gradually shortened, and the lighting time is adjusted in time. Keep the lighting time and the light intensity constant. If the light is insufficient, you can use the morning and evening light for a certain time. Don’t be too long and short, so as to prevent the chickens from changing their feathers and sputum, which will affect the laying of eggs.

Third, strengthen nutrition

Appropriately supplement animal protein feed and multi-vitamins, configure enough troughs and sinks to ensure that each chicken has a suitable position, and weak chickens can also eat enough.

Fourth, flock adjustment

In the autumn, the old chickens start to change their feathers, the new chickens are opened, and the chickens must be adjusted in a planned manner. Discontinued chickens, weak chickens, and disease-free chickens in the flock are eliminated in time to reduce feed waste and improve the economic benefits of laying hens.

Fifth, reduce stress

The autumn weather changes greatly in the morning and evening, and it is hot and cold. It is necessary to do morning and evening insulation and noon ventilation, try to maintain the stability of the microclimate in the chicken house, reduce the temperature difference between day and night, and thus reduce the stress impact of climate change on the flock.

Sixth, epidemic prevention

After the laying period, the laying hens will have poor body condition in autumn, and it is prone to infectious diseases such as Newcastle disease and chicken pox. At this time, the Newcastle disease can be injected into the laying hens in combination with the autumn epidemic prevention.



Seven, other management

Keep the air in the house fresh. The poultry farm cage price in pakistan should be kept dry, and the manure and litter should be replaced in time. It is reasonable to maintain a reasonable density according to the age of the chicken and the size of the house. At the end of autumn, it is necessary to repair the chicken house early, install the doors and windows, and prepare for heating and cold protection to prevent the occurrence of flocks caused by climate change and affect the egg production rate.