Daily maintenance of automatic manure removal equipment in the farm

Many farmer don’t know where to buy battery cage in nigeria. And don’t know how to maintain the equipment after purchase. Once the equipment is maintained, it can  use for several years, reducing the economic burden.

Maintenance of equipment

1. When the manure removal belt of the automatic manure removal equipment runs away. From the edge of the passive drum at the head end by 10mm. Adjusted by tightening the bolts on the tension rod. When the manure removal belt moves back one third. Properly relaxed Bolts to prevent the removal of manure from running over.

2. When the manure removal belt runs off the edge of the passive drum. You can release the tensioning chain, move the manure removal belt to the middle of the passive drum by hand. And then install the tensioning chain on the sprocket, and then tighten it with a pipe wrench Tighten the bolts on the tension rod until the hexagonal shaft can not move.

3. If the automatic manure removal equipment has a belt roll, just spread the manure removal belt on the passive drum and spread it flat. Go ahead and don’t cut.


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4. After using for a period of time, the dung removal belt prolonged and loose, so it needs to be cut off and re-welded. It is necessary to buy an ultrasonic plastic welding machine. When welding, the two ends should aligned and not skewed.

5. Tail deviation is rare, and the main reason is that the rubber roller is not pressed tightly. If it is off-track,  adjusted by adjusting the tightness of the outer end bolts, and then press the rubber roller. If the belt is wound, after adjusting the bolts, press the rubber roller, and then use a stick to unfold and flatten the manure removal belt in front of the big drum during operation, and the belt winding problem will naturally be solved when it is running again.

6. ​​Check the bearings and rubber rollers regularly every month. The bearings need greased regularly and the rubber rollers need kept tightly pressed and not loose.

7. The maintenance of the horizontal automatic manure cleaning machine is the same as that of the loading conveyor.which is relatively simple.

The above is the suggestion of the chicken poultry farming equipment manufacturers, I hope it can help the customer.