Introduction to the advantages of chicken raising machinery in the farm

Mechanized chicken farming equipment currently adopts two ways of raising chickens: flat and caged. The chicken coops used are mainly open and closed.chicken poultry farm equipment in nigeria

chicken poultry farm equipment in nigeria use open chicken house ,relies on natural air flow to ventilate, and receives natural light from the windows. The temperature and humidity in the conference basically change with the climate changes in the four seasons. The cost of chicken mix is ​​low, the equipment investment is small, and the requirements for feed are not strict. However, the production capacity of chickens is greatly affected by the natural environment, and epidemic prevention is more difficult.


The airtight chicken house uses materials with good heat insulation properties to build the roof and four walls, and there are no windows on all sides. The microclimate and lighting in the house can be adjusted according to the needs of the physiological function of the chicken body, so that the chicken can perform periodic cycles on the basis of high yield and stability. Cattle production can also reduce the infection of foreign diseases. However, the investment in chicken coops is higher to raise chickens. What are the mechanical methods of raising chickens that are highly dependent on electricity and must require full feed. It is the main type used in factory and mechanized chicken breeding equipment.


The production of chicken raising machinery has made chicken feeding more scientific and convenient, and while improving efficiency, it has made chicken raising easier and more convenient. The chicken feed line tray in the chicken breeding machinery uses engineering plastics as the main production material. The production intensity is relatively high, there is no poison and pollution, the maintenance cost is greatly reduced, and its service life is greatly extended.


Chicken raising machinery can provide favorable conditions for large-scale breeding of chickens and ducks, and the feeding pan of the chicken feeding line can feed 50-70 chickens at the same time. And a professional material level sensing system is attached to the machine, and the whole process can be controlled by computer programming, which realizes the automation and efficiency of chicken raising. In the use of farms, it can help you automate feeding. After the setting is completed, regular inspections are required to achieve operation, and the failure rate is low. And it can be adjusted scientifically according to the development of the chicken, and the feeding is more reasonable and scientific.



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